NEX Abide Financial

My Role
Lead product designer
Project Length
4 month engagement
Team Size
2 Designers
NEX Regulatory Reporting is a leading transaction reporting provider with proven solutions across multiple regulatory regimes. The platform allows companies to process large volumes of trade report data and deliver final reports to regulators with a high level of transparency.
The Challenge
New regulation and directives are increasing complexity and reporting challenges at different points in a trade’s lifecycle, across transaction and transparency reporting. In order to offer their clients a comprehensive reporting solution that not only handles today’s reporting challenges but also prepares clients for whatever is around the corner, NEX Regulatory Reporting embarked on a major redesign of their platform.

The project aim was a complete re-imagination of NEX’s existing reporting service, introducing a next-generation user interface with the ability to take data from any source system and make it reporting-ready.
Group workshops with stakeholders.
The design process began by running a series of design workshops with the NEX operations and product teams to better understand their business goals, existing systems and user needs. A series of solutions were rapidly explored using low-fidelity methods such as sketching and wireframes.

Upon completion of the workshop, the findings were distilled down into requirements and prioritised accordingly. Once agreed we began assessing potential design directions, working through user flows, site maps and lo-fidelity design iterations.
Defining overall user flow
Flow and journey analysis
Design & Iteration
As the design process continued into higher fidelities various approaches to showing reporting performance was explored. The team worked through various differing approaches to displaying data. As this progressed into digital forms they were reviewed by stakeholders and adapted as necessary. Some examples of design explorations can be seen below.
Exploring ways of showing overall performance of reporting
Overview of volume and reporting effectiveness
Individual user performance tracking
More detailed screen-by-screen wireframes, mock-ups, and a high-fidelity clickable prototype were produced in close collaboration with the NEX product owners. Through regular feedback sessions with both stakeholders and end users visible progress on the application was rapidly shaped for development.
Invision prototype was used to share with users' for feedback.
The Result
The development team of 2 worked closely with myself to ensure that the application was produced iteratively and complying with specification. NEX had also recently been rebranded from Abide Financial, the implementation had to ensure uniform branding and compatibility of the reporting solution within the overall NEX Optimisation vision.

A successful implementation was delivered with a rich and intuitive user interface. The new reporting platform allows clients to comply with regulations whilst saving time and money.