I'm a product design with a background in Human Factor's Design. I have experience working in all forms of digital design, whether that be start-ups, large corporations, agencies or freelance. I am currently based in Edinburgh, but open to both remote and travelling roles, where-ever that might be!

I have experience working on a wide array of digital products and strive to be involved throughout the entire projects lifecycle, from conception to test and beyond. My experience has challenged me to work in a range of differing digital mediums from mobile applications to fully responsive websites. Throughout the development process my aim always remains constant; to counterbalance the business goals of clients with the needs of users. I enjoy working with diverse and challenging briefs, particularly complex data visualisation and the in-car user experience.

I currently work as a Product Design Manager at FanDuel. An American based bookmaker & daily fantasy sports provider. I am open to freelance opportunities, however due to my current position I can only offer limited hours of engagement.